Postponed until further notice BREEZE: with Kerst

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BREEZE: with Kerst

an hour of music and quiet reflection in the St Katharine’s Chapel

All are very Welcome

Friday 24th April at 7pm

with light refreshments served in the lounge from 6.30pm.


Since the release of The Garden in 2010, Kerst has performed with several organisations such as the Northumbria Community, Applecart and Millhouse Retreats. He features on the album of the Northumbria Community ‘Alone Together’ (2012), with a Dutch song he wrote some years ago, called ‘Avondlicht’. Like in the Cumbrian hills, Kerst’s creativity has often been boosted by the unspoilt surroundings and kindhearted spirit of Northumberland.

Kerst started his latest project ‘House of my Heart’ in July 2012 at Union Chapel. Since then he has joined them for other events, such as a carol service and a special Remembrance Day event in 2013. He also enjoys coming round on Wednesday mornings when its stage is at the back: a home and meeting place for the locals.

Since a few years, Kerst has also enjoyed performing abroad in Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary and the country of his own upbringing: The Netherlands. Often he finds himself back in London inspired, not just by the reception of his musical endeavours, but also by the many deep and meaningful conversations taking place before and after his concerts. These ‘heart to heart’ encounters abroad are the fuel for further creative journeys…