The Reflective Yurt is available during cafe opening hours for quiet contemplation and prayer.

There is a sense that life is very busy. If we are not careful, we are all driven to want more than we have and so to be left feeling restless and unsettled. There is so much out there to do that we can be left running after an imagined, unreal future.

The current world leaves us very little time to think, to live in the moment, to appreciate just being alive by wondering at the very mystery of existence. One way to cope with this is to try and “get away from it all”. Another is to try and find peace and meaning “within it all”.

To stop, perhaps to do no more than that, just to take a moment or two of stillness in life to allow some of the everyday dust to settle, to let the whirlwind become still and to hear your own true voice deep inside you telling you what truly matters

Mark Aitken
Master, Royal Foundation of St. Katharine