Jane Dee

My experience of, and keen interest in cultural diversity and spirit-soul life have become the predominant focus of my art making explorations. These are often developed reflectively within community exploring cultural, social and generational interconnectivity: perspective, identity, ethnicity, belonging and wholeness. Previous installations include suspended objects, written narratives, weaving, performance, spoken word, video and audio; 2D work, workshops and discussion events. Dialogue from these projects continues to develop for example through planned weaving-sound workshops; and an identity-sari triptych.

Mostly the material used for a piece is established by what I am exploring, thus I am largely self-taught. Currently I am working in chalk pastel, oil, collage and photography to investigate the intersection of our collaged realities. Other multi-media work includes wrought iron, broken ceramics, newspapers, charcoal, acrylic paint and textiles.