Limehouse Aid

The only thing more astonishing then the scale of the COVID-19 outbreak is the response from our community. At this time of great national and local need our neighbours are responding with extraordinary generosity and kindness in large numbers.

Limehouse Aid began when 4 local creative people who were seeking to make a positive difference at a time of crisis; Alex, Blake, Christine, and Joey. Together they sought to create a network and connect the many people and groups that were coming forward with offers of help and assistance. This volunteer network grew at it peak to some 250 people. It was proactive in seeking to respond to the needs in the local community and offered support for those self isolating and most vulnerable.

Grace Notes

Grace Notes is a collective of Christian artists and a fortnightly music event. Its aim is to provide an opportunity for musicians and artists of faith to meet and express themselves. This is an open event where everybody, whether of faith or not, are welcome and can find joy in the music.

London is filled with diverse culture and injections of music from all over the world. The London Jazz sound has come to prominence by celebrating this diversity and using inspiration from past great musicians to create a developed understanding and fresh expression of jazz. Through the use of improvisation, an element of original composition and a few well-known songs or hymns thrown in, the atmosphere created at Grace Notes is one in which people can express themselves how they wish, whether that is through dance, singing, playing an instrument or poetry/spoken word, or just sitting back and enjoying the atmosphere.

This celebration and fresh expression of worship reimagines how people of faith and all backgrounds can gather further beyond their immediate community in a joyful way, encouraging reflection, community cohesion, activism, love and Grace.


As the relationship between Limehouse Aid and RFSK began to develop it became clear that for this was a partnership which would benefit from becoming more established. For LA to access grants and to partner well with local government and other charities, it needed to have a charitable structure, governance, bank accounts etc. Rather than set all this up themselves it was unanimously agreed and then confirmed at an open meeting that the Royal Foundation of St Katharine would be the umbrella charity which Limehouse Aid would sit under. This coming together is very much seen as a way to give each other strength.

Volunteering Opportunities

Want to get involved? Please let us know by filling in this very short form so we can let you know about areas you are interested in and that we can communicate any new initiatives with yourselves by email and you can let us know if you are interested.


Anyone who shows symptoms must stay at home and therefore cannot go to shops contact LIMEHOUSE AID for help.
You can get them help by either texting / calling 020 3322 7452 or emailing