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Marvellous May

What a month it has been here at the Precinct. We started the month with The Things we Painted Gold exhibition opening. UK based artists Gabriella Gilmore and Rachael Minott exhibited a collection of works exploring the relationship between architecture, infrastructure and ritual. In December 2015, collaborating for the first time Gabriella and Rachael participated

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Spring arrives at the Precinct

Another great month at the Precinct started with our first Trade School a Calligraphy Workshop led by resident Artist Joao Abott Gribben. Joao took us through a whistle stop tour of the history of Calligraphy, taught us how to hold a calligraphy nib at a correct angle and how to write our names using the

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Trade School is Starting in April!

Trade School is a way for communities to share skills, learn from each other and come together. The school runs on barter, so workshop leaders can ask for things they need other than money -- a pot of jam, a loaf of bread, seeds for planting etc. Trade Schools are starting up all over, and we're

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Marvelous March at the Precinct

We kicked off March in a big way with a wonderful concert in the Reflective Yurt. It was a magical and intimate evening of music from Wilderthorn, with special guest Dan Bilborough on percussion -- all emerging from a brief conversation next to the yurt cafe's woodstove on a cold January day. Great playing with

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How to make a sack garden

Perfect for balconies and small spaces, sack gardens have been used a lot in other countries, particularly in Africa -- there is a lot our generation can learn from places like Africa, China and the Phillipines in terms of growing crops in small urban spaces here in the UK, where many people have forgotten WWII

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Our First Gardening Day at the Precinct!

To go from gravel covered ground to a vibrant community garden of raised beds is going to take a lot of work, so we thought the sooner we started the better. The 5th of March was chosen and we stuck to it and we had a number of brave and wonderful people brave the weather

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Fabulous February in the Hub

February has been so busy and most satisfying, as we have gone from this, a wishlist of things people would like to see in our community: To this, the first set of projects and social evenings that were all finalised this month though a few will begin in March: We had the trial of our

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Three Inspirational Community Gardens

There are so many places to look at and to learn from in building your own community garden. Here are only a handful of them, there are so many! Our local gardens are amazing and they all exist because people worked hard in their free time to create them. Just because they love gardens. It's

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Arts and Crafts Group for Mums and Babies

Our Arts and Crafts Group for Mums and Babies was born through two different conversations that we brought together into a single project. The first was with a local mum and nurse who wanted to use art classes to help other new mums overcome the isolation that too often comes with having a very young

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Our first night of poetry: the Yurt Salon

Every third Tuesday of the month we are planning to hold the Yurt Salon -- a night of words, and sometimes music, with authors local and not-so-local. It's a good question how many local authors and poets we can turn up who live or work within walking distance! We hope that this will become a

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