How RFSK is continuing to support the local community during lockdown

The new lockdown restrictions in England are affecting everyone in different ways, and now more than ever, we at St Katharine’s want to continue to be a source of help and support for people, both within the local community and beyond. Here’s an update on how we are continuing to provide help and support over

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Stepney Old People’s Welfare Association

Many thanks to the Gentle Author for allowing us to reproduce this post on our blog. For more fascinating glimpses into Spitalfields culture and history, please visit spitalfieldslife.com. Roger Preece, Master of the Royal Foundation of St Katharine invited me to Limehouse recently to explore the archives, where I found this wonderful album of photographs documenting the

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Master of the Royal Foundation of St Katharine

We are very sad to be saying goodbye to our current Master, the Revd Mark Aitken, who has announced that he will be retiring at the end of August this year. Mark has very successfully led St Katharine's through a period of revival and development as a leading Christian retreat and conference centre. He will leave with

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Quiet Day – Exploring the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Path – with Jan Sellers & The Retreat Association

Life in the modern world and especially in this digital age brings with it a whole host of pressures - not least to always be connected and busy. But sometimes we all could use a Quiet Day for ourselves, just to take time out from daily life for reflection, contemplation, or just to be. We really do

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London Marathon 2017 Event was a Resounding Success!

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who came to or helped organise our event for the London Marathon 2017! It really was a fantastic success and so many people passed through our gates to enjoy the brilliant atmosphere and features we had on offer :) People left well-fed, content and very entertained!

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Supper & Friends with Supper Club at RFSK

In accordance with the core values of The Royal Foundation of St Katharine, Worship, Hospitality & Service, we have a whole host of events to welcome and engage with our community at London's hidden urban oasis. One such event is our increasingly popular monthly Supper Club. Next Supper Club - Wednesday 14th June The clue

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Reflect and Unwind – Open Reflective Days at RFSK

Life in the modern world and especially in this digital age brings with it a whole host of pressures - not least to always be connected and busy. Sometimes we need time to just reflect on life and a space to feel calm. We really do understand this at The Royal Foundation of St Katharine and

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Residential Retreat – Wholeness, Health & Healing

  It is never easy in this digital age to take a step back from life to find some peace, quiet and time for reflection. We are constantly under pressure to stay connected and sometimes we just cannot find the time for ourselves! We all should do our best to find the time however to

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