Announcement 11th June 2019. “The Court of the Royal Foundation of St Katharine is delighted to announce the appointment by Her Majesty The Queen, as Patron, of the Venerable Roger Preece as Master with effect from 30th September 2019 to succeed the Reverend Mark Aitken, who is retiring after seven years as Master on 31st

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Who are the St Katharine’s residents who became a TV sensation?

By David Lowe From the Queen and the Queen Mother, to Archbishops and other dignitaries, the Royal Foundation of St Katharine has welcomed a long list of notables over the years. Yet perhaps none have captured the public’s imagination to quite the same extent as the Community of St John the Divine. While its members

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Merry Christmas 2018 from the Master at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine

Merry Christmas from St Katharine's From all of us here at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine, including St Katharine's Precinct and the Yurt Café...  we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of happiness. The Royal Foundation will be closed over the Christmas period. Please take note of the closing

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A place of retreats, prayer & quiet where anyone can find space to reflect…

Remembering what Archbishop Justin said at the start of his time as Archbishop that “the three Quinquennial Goals of growing the church, contributing to the common good and reimagining ministry, was that for that re-imagination to be more than surface deep, we need a renewal of prayer and the Religious Life”, St Katharine’s seeks to

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A retreat house in East London, the perfect oasis to reflect?

Why is one of the oldest charities in England building seven new bedrooms for people to stay in for Reflection or Retreat? This is an intriguing question made all the more tantalising when you find out these rooms are in the heart of the East End of London. They are not on a mountain top

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New Build at RFSK! Introducing the Victor Churchill building…

St Katharine’s is now constructing seven new bedrooms adjacent to the Chapel for people coming here specifically on “retreat” away from the “busy-ness” of the rest of our site. The Eleanor Room will also be changed so that it can be, when required, a small dining room for people from these bedrooms to have their

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