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Marvellous May

What a month it has been here at the Precinct. We started the month with The Things we Painted Gold exhibition opening. UK based artists Gabriella Gilmore and Rachael Minott exhibited a collection of works exploring the relationship between architecture, infrastructure and ritual. In December 2015, collaborating for the first time Gabriella and Rachael participated

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Spring arrives at the Precinct

Another great month at the Precinct started with our first Trade School a Calligraphy Workshop led by resident Artist Joao Abott Gribben. Joao took us through a whistle stop tour of the history of Calligraphy, taught us how to hold a calligraphy nib at a correct angle and how to write our names using the

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Building St Katharine’s Precinct ArtSpace

Once, as long ago as June of 2015, the ArtSpace at St Katharine's Precinct looked like this: Six months later we were holding our very first maker's market for the Christmas season, showcasing the work of our artists in residence: We knew we wanted to bring life and creativity to the site. We also wanted

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Mayor John Biggs Opens St Katharine’s Precinct

Our event on Friday brought together old friends and new to celebrate a new opening to the community through the collection of yurts and containers that have just opened to form St Katharine's Precinct. We welcomed people to wander the space and explore, and invite you to do the same through the wonderful pictures of

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St Katharine’s Precinct Now Open

We look forward to welcoming you! St Katharine's Precinct is an important step for us, the beginning of a new phase in The Royal Foundation's mission of worship, hospitality and service. Opening up to our communities in a new way, we look forward to working together to create a space where people can come together

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Precinct Construction — The Containers Are All In!

Everything has been moving so fast, it is extraordinary how quickly containers dropped in can change the feel of the site. Back in June the site looked like this: And now after all the rain the last week or so? This: Now that all of the containers are in place, not much is changing from

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The ArtSpace containers in motion

Work to create the containers that will hold the artist studios has been underway, and for a few days now they have been sitting ready for delivery to the ArtSpace -- in pink on the map below: Here are the first views of them sitting in the yard of Bullman's Containers, with the space for the

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