Why you should stay at a retreat centre on your next trip to London

Whether you’re travelling to London for work or play, the opportunities for where to stay are endless. But have you ever considered staying at a retreat centre? If you’re looking for an alternative to lifeless hotels, a retreat centre could be the perfect solution.  What is a retreat centre? A retreat centre is a place

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The healing power of nature; the benefits of London hotels with gardens

London is full of great options for accommodation. From global hotel chains to budget-friendly guesthouses, open house hotels with a contemporary feel, and basic backpacker hostels; the possibilities for your stay in London are endless. There’s something to suit every taste and budget.  But nestled amongst the Hiltons and the trendy boutiques are some secret

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6 reasons to choose an East London hotel when visiting the UK capital

East London has seen some major changes over the years. What was traditionally the home of the Cockney now reflects a diverse range of nationalities and cultures. And once an area of extreme poverty, it’s becoming an increasingly trendy part of the city.  Some might say it’s one of the most exciting places to stay

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