We are very sad to be saying goodbye to our current Master, the Revd Mark Aitken, who has announced that he will be retiring at the end of August this year. Mark has very successfully led St Katharine’s through a period of revival and development as a leading Christian retreat and conference centre. He will leave with our gratitude and very best wishes for the future. We are now seeking to recruit a new Master to lead the next phase of our development.

The Royal Foundation of St Katharine is a Christian retreat and conference centre with significant involvement in its local community.

The new Master will be an ordained priest in the Church of England or a church in communion with the Church of England and will lead St Katharine’s into the 2020’s with the development of major new facilities on its site in Limehouse and the establishment of a small core community resident onsite to expand its spiritual and retreat activities. The Master is appointed by the Patron, HM The Queen, on the recommendation of the Court. They will serve at the Patron’s pleasure and will report to the Chair of the Court. The Master’s stipend will be equivalent to that of a Cathedral Dean in the Church of England.  A 4-bedroom residential flat in the Master’s House at St Katharine’s is provided, free of rental, council tax and rate charges, to enable the Master to carry out their duties.

The Court is seeking an energetic, spiritual and inspirational leader and team builder, with proven managerial and leadership skills and a commitment to witnessing to the gospel of Christ in the provision of worship, hospitality and service to the Church and the wider community. Applicants are welcomed from the whole breadth of the Church of England, regardless of age, gender, race, disability or sexual orientation.

Please note this application closed on Friday 10 May 2019.