Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin 

Here at St Katharine’s Precinct we welcome people from all walks of life, from all ages and have an array of activities this week that we think you should get involved in!

This Week

Community Gardening Group
Tuesday 9th April, 10 – 4pm
Join gardening maestro Stephen and team as we build a foundation for the springtime!

Community Singing Group
Wednesday 10th April, 6:30-7:30pm
Join us for a mid-week sing along.
The singing 
group are looking for someone with musical knowledge
to help guide the group. More information can be found here

Chatty Cafe
Every Mondays and Wednesday’s 
We have teamed up with Chatty Cafe to make the Yurt Cafe a home of conversation and insight. For information on the scheme please visit here

Coming Up

Intimate Folk Night

Thursday 11th April 6:30- 10:30
Join us for another night of live folk music!

Have a great week
The Precinct Team

St Katharine’s Precinct is a meanwhile community project run by The Royal Foundation of St Katharine (RFSK). The Precinct aims to build connections with and across communities through conversation, reflection, community projects, art and food. The weekly bulletin is a highlight of what’s on at St Katharine. More information about RFSK retreats, open reflective and quiet days can be found here