Growing Together

In an urban garden it’s important to create inviting habitats for all sorts of creatures, that are garden friendly, especially for veg growers, helping to pollinate and control pests without the need for chemicals. So at our regular Growing Together sessions at the Precinct we’ve been talking about mini beasts, centipedes, lacewings, bumblebees, wild bees, ladybirds, solitary bees, woodlice, and beetles, and how to encourage them to set up home at the Precinct garden.
We started by gathering lots of reclaimed materials to make the bug hotels – old wooden disused pallets, twigs,  bark, bamboo canes, logs with holes drilled in them, straw, terracotta pots, pipes, old roofing slates, plastic bottles, pine cones, cardboard from the cafe, poster tubes. All the different materials ensure there are different habitats for all types of bugs – lots of small spaces, different shapes and sizes.  Some parts of the hotel will be nice and dry, and others will let some water in as some bugs like it damp! The reclaimed and natural materials are free to find, and also blend in with their surroundings.
We have now built various bug shelters around the precinct, and are keeping an eye on who is moving in! This is an ongoing project, we are learning as we go and creating insect habitats as part of learning about gardening.

Growing Together happens on the last Saturday of each month, all ages welcome!

Have a great week 
The Precinct Team

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