If you’ve never heard about our Yurt Feasts over at the Yurt Café, you are seriously missing out! They are an incredibly successful and delicious invention where talented chefs take over the Yurt to test out new menus or just to provide a fantastic evening of tasty food. The most recent hosts of a Yurt night were Big Field Food, who did a very British orineted, two night stint. A massive success and more sell out foodie events at London’s only Yurt Café!

Having grown up on the family sheep farm, Big Field have a passion for great British lamb, hogget and mutton. The meats are versatile, healthy and often raised to higher animal welfare standards than other animals (being largely grass fed/outdoor reared and free of hormones).

Growing up on the farm they also had a keen sense of eating with the seasons and making use of the great produce they had available on their doorstep.

Big Field’s mission is to bring great British lamb, hogget and mutton to a wider audience and to champion all the associated products, such as sheep’s milk cheeses, ice cream and butter.

At these Yurt Feasts, Big Field provided 4 courses of delicious, seasonal and locally sourced food with a focus on ingredients from small British farms and producers (especially their personal favourite – sheep meat and dairy products).

For the second night, all profits from the Yurt Feast went directly to the charity, Football Action! They use the world’s most popular game to inspire and motivate children living difficult lives. With projects across a number of countries in Africa and Central America they support thousands of children each week to take part in sports, stay in school and develop a better chance of moving out of poverty.

Enjoy these images of the Big Field British Yurt Feast and keep your ears peeled for the next Yurt Feast!

If you’re a chef with a penchant for food slightly out of the ordinary and you love the look of the Yurt for a menu tester venue or just want to cook up some delicious food in a unique setting, make sure you get in touch to discuss on precinct@rfsk.org.uk!

Big Field Yurt Feast Sit Down fro Dinner

Big Field Yurt Feast Starter

Big Field Yurt Feast Course

Big Field Yurt Feast Meat & Main Course

Big Field Yurt Feast Dessert

Big Field Yurt Feast Layout

Big Field Yurt Feast Attendees chatting and drinking

Big Field Yurt Feast Outside