Welcome To The Weekly Bulletin 

This week Limehouse Women’s Cycle Project starts again. The group is informal and inclusive for those who have never cycled and those who would like to improve their skills. Keep reading to see what else you can take part in the Precinct this week and coming up.

This Week

Limehouse Women’s Cycle Project 
Sunday 1st Aptil, 10:30-12pm
Be part of a group learning or improving
their cycle skills

Community Singing Group
Wednesday 28th March, 6:30-7:30pm
Take part and learn new songs and singing techniques

Coming Up 

Community Gardening Group
Tuesday 3rd April, 10-4pm
Join us for a day in the garden & learn new skills

Limehouse Books and Films
Saturday 7th April, 10:30-12pm
Share your thoughts on this month’s book

 Annihilation by Jeff Vandermer with the book group 

Open Reflective Day 
Monday 9th April, 8-5pm
Join us for an individual quiet day. 

Have a great week
The Precinct Team

St Katharine’s Precinct is a meanwhile community project run by The Royal Foundation of St Katharine (RFSK). The Precinct aims to build connections with and across communities through conversation, reflection, community projects, art and food. The weekly bulletin is a highlight of what’s on at St Katharine. More information about RFSK retreats, open reflective and quiet days can be found here