We thought you might like to know there are a few changes to the activities planned for this weekend at the Precinct.

The Community Gardening Day will not be happening on Saturday. Stephen who leads the gardening group is very sorry to cancel but his Nan is celebrating her 91st birthday. Happy Birthday to Stephen’s Nan.

The planned activity for The Craft Club has been changed. We will not be learning how to turn old jeans into new creations. Instead, Abi is planning an open session where you can make and create together. Craft materials will be available but if you would like to bring craft materials to share with others you are more than welcome.

The Community Project’s at the Precinct are a collaboration with the community. This means the projects are looked after or ‘run’ by those who come along and take part. We value the importance of working with the community as collaborators and have fostered an environment where everyone can contribute to life at the Precinct. One of the ways we do this is by creating opportunities for the community to look after the projects they are passionate about. If you would like to be more involved in the Community Project’s here at the Precinct or think you have a particular skill you can share come and have a chat with us precinct@rfsk.org.uk or 07585 333 361