Christmas really is a time to reflect. Time to reflect on what is happening in the world and on what really matters most. It could be in church, or as you sense the overwhelming love offered to you in a thoughtfully chosen present or just in a stolen, quiet moment in the middle of a party, that your thoughts will turn to that child born in a dark stable, in the middle of the night all those years ago. You might even catch your breath, feeling a deep longing inside you and sense the gentle hint that this child will have something to say to you when he grows up.

Thank you to everyone who has come into contact with the Royal Foundation of St Katharine in 2017, whether it be by staying here, taking advantage of our peaceful retreats, attending a Quiet or Open Reflective Day, holding a conference/meeting, participating in a Community Project at St Katharine’s Precinct or eating brunch at London’s Only Yurt Café.

Please have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas, from all here at St Katharine’s, as we look ahead to an exciting 2018 :)