St Katharine’s is now constructing seven new bedrooms adjacent to the Chapel for people coming here specifically on “retreat” away from the “busy-ness” of the rest of our site. The Eleanor Room will also be changed so that it can be, when required, a small dining room for people from these bedrooms to have their meals. This will create a separate, Reflective Wing of ten bedrooms with a small dining room, a secluded courtyard with a lovely new patio for reflection called the Victor Churchill building – all focused around the Chapel.


Victor Churchill Schematics



Expected view of Victor Churchill building from North



Victor Churchill Bedroom  

This new addition to The Royal Foundation of St Katharine will be called the Victor Churchill building. This is in homage to our former chairman of the same name who was a long-serving Trustee and played an important part in the reordering of the Chapel.

The work is scheduled to be completed early in 2018 so that, from Spring 2018, we will enable individuals or a small group to stay here in an even deeper atmosphere of peace and quiet than experienced already. When not being used for Retreats the rooms will be let out in our normal fashion and so should be in very regular use. As you can see below, work is very much under way on building the foundations of the new Victor Churchill building!

building work at RFSK


Foundations being built for Victor Churchill Building


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