It is never easy in this digital age to take a step back from life to find some peace, quiet and time for reflection. We are constantly under pressure to stay connected and sometimes we just cannot find the time for ourselves! We all should do our best to find the time however to refresh our minds.

We really do understand this at The Royal Foundation of St Katharine and have a whole program of led events dedicated to helping you achieve this. These wonderful events are called Residential Retreats and are specifically designed to help visitors stop, take stock and find inspiration. They include meals, incredibly informative led sessions by some of the experts in their field, time to reflect by oneself and of course a prolonged stay at our much-loved hidden urban oasis.

Need space to stop and take stock –>>

The next Residential Retreat takes place from the evening of Sunday 3rd December until the morning of Thursday 7th December and we would love for you to join us. We know that everyone can benefit from these events and lots of people do!

This particular opportunity is an Advent Residential Retreat. It is a chance to stop and prepare for the Christmas season, with space for individual reflection and prayer supported by the rhythm of Prayer and hospitality of the Royal Foundation of St Katharine.

Come and experience the next Residential Retreat for yourself! –>>

What does St Katharine’s look like?

Our wonderful and peaceful gardens are available for you to use as well as many of the beautiful rooms at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine.

Gardens at St Katharine


Feedback from previous Residential Retreat attendees

“The Residential Retreat was absolutely lovely and I have already recommended it to friends. The warm welcome, delicious food and spotless rooms. And it is so easy from Kings Cross. Welcome was lovely and accommodation + catering were very good”

“I can not fault any of the time – the accommodation is lovely, the food delicious and the staff friendly, helpful and courteous”



“Accommodation was very comfortable, food was excellent and a very friendly group”


“Welcome accommodation and catering of a superbly high standard. In a word EXCELLENT”


“It suited me very well. The input was well balanced and I loved the change of tone and pace which the reading on Saturday evening gave. I am looking for stimulating food for thought which I can take away and use for a spring board to further reading and thought rather than hours of silence”

“Excellent –I enjoyed all the wonderful input and there was enough time to reflect Saturday evening was also very good”

“There was a good balance between teaching discussion and reflection”


“Very interesting. There was enough quiet space when I was able to take a lovely walk with another guest in good weather”

“The Residential Retreat was very special to find such intellectual and spiritual engagement is uplifting; Malcolm’s mastery lead to wonderful new insights on faith and poetry”

“Content and format just right: informative, reflective, spiritually refreshing”


 “I appreciate the ‘kindness’ of the format, at a generous affordable cost”

 “The staff are brilliant..  As always one is greeted with a welcoming smile. Well done”

Just to remind you, these are led events in addition to being a fantastic opportunity for people to have some space and quiet in their lives. The cost of £339 for the day incorporates all aspects of the Residential Retreat including all refreshments & meals, led sessions and accommodation. We really would like to welcome you into our hidden urban oasis in the middle of London and hope you can join us.

This Residential Retreat sounds like exactly what I need! –>>

If you wish to ask us anything about the residential retreat, please do not hesitate to email or call 0300 111 1147.