A story about a Knitting Circle 

Learning a new skill can be difficult but learning with friends can make all the difference. Last year we invited the local community to talk to us about co-creating the projects they’d like to see here in Limehouse. Our aim was to build relationships and have a positive impact on the wellbeing of individuals and the local community.

One of these new community projects was a knitting circle. The project was set up by a knitwear designer who wanted to share her skills and create a group for fellow makers. In less than a year the group have knitted grow bags for the Precinct Garden, which have gained lots of attention on Twitter and been a talking point on warm summer days.

 Grow bags being displayed during our
Community Planting Day in July 2016

At Christmas the group made beautiful festive decorations for the Precinct’s Christmas Tree, which took centre stage during the Christmas Market in December. They have also made butterflies for the Precinct garden and are in the final stages of knitting a patchwork blanket for the Yurt Café.

Our Thursday group of makers and creators

Creating, making and learning is only half the story. The Knitting Circle is a project where friendships have blossomed, support systems have been created and collaboration has been fostered. One member of the group said ‘Knitting is a trans formative act that changes my mood and allows me to make mistakes and learn to rectify them. Also, this activity develops my skills to create things that may impact [positively] on my community’.

In 2017 the Knitting Circle will be making a collection of hand knitted and crocheted items that will be sold in the Yurt Café for donations. Look out for crocheted hearts for Valentine’s day, knitted flowers and floral displays on the Yurt Café tables.

The Knitting Circle meets on Thursdays from 1-2:30pm. The group is open to all skill levels, even beginners! You can bring your own project to work on or join in the latest creative project.

If you are interested in joining the group or would like to find out more please contact claire@rfsk.org.uk or phone 07585 333 361.