What a month it has been here at the Precinct. We started the month with The Things we Painted Gold exhibition opening. UK based artists Gabriella Gilmore and Rachael Minott exhibited a collection of works exploring the relationship between architecture, infrastructure and ritual. In December 2015, collaborating for the first time Gabriella and Rachael participated in the 4th Ghetto Biennale held in Port au Prince, Haiti.


At St Katharine’s they continued exploring the relationship between architecture, infrastructure and ritual; with reflective performances considering the complexities of what the made, the Ghetto Biennale itself and the lasting impact that experience has had on their lives and work.

gabbys 1

Our arts group continued to meet and were joined by artist Joao Abbott-Gibbons. Joao introduced the group to the skills of Calligraphy, which is not an easy skill to master. Especially with a baby. But our mums did a great job and made beautiful signs for their homes. The group will be meeting in Tuesday’s 1:30-2:30pm from 14th June-12th July.


Learning a new skill was a them for the month. Mariliis shared her skill of recycling old carrier bags and told us 1,000 000 000 plastic bags are produced a minute and used for 25 minutes on average.

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Using the techniques of crochet to make the ‘worms’ and weaving we made beautiful coasters for the home that can be used again and again.


Crochet was a popular skill this month. Lucy who comes to our knitting circle introduced us to crochet. A simple skill to learn which proved to be much harder than it looks. With one hook and a couple of fingers Lucy showed us how to crochet a granny square. If you would like to knit or crochet come along to our knitting circle on Thursdays 1-3pm.

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We continued the month with a recital, From Bach to Tango. We are passionate about bringing people together, making connections and enriching our community. Back in January we introduced local pianists Katya and Jelena. Both had told us they would like to meet fellow musicians living in their area and would like to share their love for classical music with others. So we introduced them, we thought, if nothing else they should know each other! From that first meeting an idea for a recital was born. What followed was a creative collaboration exploring classical music.

There were the beautiful sounds of Deux Arabesques, Choplin Waltz Op.69 No.1 in A flat Major & Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 in C sharp Minor.

recital 1

Stravinsky’s Sonata 1924 1st and 3rd movements and Albeniz’s Suite E​spañola’​, Op. 47 ‘Asturias.

jelena 1

And we ended with a 4 hand piece, Piazolla’s Libertango’ (arr. for piano 4 hands by Keer).

Our gardening group have continued to transform our outdoor space. Stephen who leads the group created 3 sets of stairs on top of our hill.

garden 1


The stairs are made from pallets and are a beautiful addition to our garden. If you would like to join Stephen he is at the Precinct every week including the last Saturday of every month. Please check our events page for future dates or join our meet up page here.

stairs 3

We welcomed St Peter’s Docklands Primary School to the Precinct. Our Community Projects Coordinator spent the morning with the schools ESOL parents group making scented pillows.

Schools picture

The group were marginally more skilled than our coordinator who did not finish her pillow, but thank you for letting her join!Parens group

In February  we started what we like to think as a Precinct tradition. Pot Luck Social, an opportunity for everyone who has connected with the Precinct to spend an afternoon connecting, reflecting and eating.


Pot Luck Social this month was warmer than February but again was full of generosity lots of conversation, connections and relationship building.


We ended what had already been a jam packed month with more Trade Schools. Gabriella Gilmore and Rachael Minott ran workshops bringing their exhibition to a close.


Rachael shared with us how to compose a personal historical painting.


Gabby guided us on how to make a community sculpture from poles, nuts bolts and bottle cups. The community sculpture has taken pride of place in our outdoor area. If you are passing by please take your time to have a look.

And finally…. Trade School went on the road for the first time to Stepney City Farm. During their Grow your own weekend Simon taught us how to make organic fertiliser.


We got our hands dirty cutting Comfrey leaves, used to make the fertiliser and stirring them into a big urn of water.

comfrey 2

While we were there we learnt about what flowers are safe to eat and stroked the goats.

flowers 3

We have lots of Trade Schools coming up over the summer. Please visit our events page to find out more or join our meet up group.

If you have a skill or talent you would like to share email us precinct@rfsk.org.uk we would love to hear from you.

May was great month, we can not wait to see what happens in June!