Top soil arrived! If you ever wondered what a ton of something looks like, this is it:


The bed needed a little finishing up from where we left it after the workshop — here it is with the apple tree donated to us just waiting to be planted!


Adding a few more slats from other pallets to better contain the soil…I ended up sawing these down in a diagonal pattern, as once the bed was full we planned to put some thyme along the sides as well as on top, to come cascading fragrantly down the wood.


We just used an old topsoil bag donated to us as a liner for the raised bed, using heavy duty staples to fix it to the sides of the bed.


A layer of sand and gravel, then adding topsoil wheelbarrow load by wheelbarrow load — a good workout if you feel you need one!


And finally the finished tree and herb planter…with the apple tree safe and sound but still some herbs to go!