Trade School is a way for communities to share skills, learn from each other and come together. The school runs on barter, so workshop leaders can ask for things they need other than money — a pot of jam, a loaf of bread, seeds for planting etc. Trade Schools are starting up all over, and we’re excited about helping start one here.

No skill is too small for trade school and we’re sure you have something to offer, but we’d love to welcome you to join us just to learn a skill as well!

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If you have a skill you would like to share or are an organisation who would like to offer a either a space, volunteers or a great way for learners to share their new skills at the end of a programme  please contact us at  To RSVP either go to our Trade School Meetup Page or click RSVP below.


C25154519604_f922e8d499_k copyalligraphy Workshop – 16th April

Learn how to write the Gothic alphabet in this relaxed workshop – ideal for beginners, suitable for ages 6 and above.

Time: 11-12pm
Workshop Leader: Joao Abbott-Gribben
What can you bring as barter? Just bring yourself or Dark Chocolate, Fruit, Berocca, AA Batteries, Flapjack.
To book please visit our meet up page or email

Lecoffee cosiesarn to Knit – 30th April

Learn to knit a coffee cup cosy.

Time: 12:30-1:30pm
Workshop Leader: Julia Cackett
What can you bring as barter? Flowers
To book please visit our meet up page or email

Beginners Crochet

Learn to crochet a granny square.

Time: 2-3pm
Workshop Leader: Lucy Tavener
What can you bring as barter? Seeds for planting in my allotment.
To book please visit our meet up page or email

How many Smarties would it take to fill a swimming pool? – 4th June

Ever wondered how to start answering impossible questions? Practise the art of guesstimation and approach problems with confidence!

Bring a calculator if you wish (it’s not a mental maths exercise after all).

Time: 11-12pm
Workshop Leader: Mel Abraham
What can you bring as barter? Your favourite herb or spice for cooking? Then I’d be able to make some more interesting meals.

To book please visit our meet up page or email


2689761064_aa55b14564_mCosy Corner Storytelling – 7th June

An afternoon of storytelling and play. Suitable for ages 6-8 years — all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Time: 4-5pm
Workshop Leader: Claire Sexton
What can you bring as barter? An orange

To book please visit our meet up page or email