We kicked off March in a big way with a wonderful concert in the Reflective Yurt. It was a magical and intimate evening of music from Wilderthorn, with special guest Dan Bilborough on percussion — all emerging from a brief conversation next to the yurt cafe’s woodstove on a cold January day.

It’s been a cold, wet, wintry March but we had a handful of sunny days! We took full advantage of them, what could be lovelier than our knitting circle out in the sunshine? Started up this month and now meeting every Thursday from 1 to 3, they are here hard at work on a blanket for the cafe:


While they knitted, more work on the garden got under way, finishing up the herb bed and planting the beautiful apple tree donated by one of our volunteers:


It was very different than the weather we faced with our hardy volunteers at the beginning of the month, for our first community garden workshop:


It actually hailed along with the rain, and so we brought the work indoors to build our first herb bed:


Plant seeds…


Then a bit of outside during the short break in the rain:


then back inside again:


More on building the raised bed from old pallets can be found here. We also planted a sack garden, a perfect choice for those wanting to grow their own veg in limited space or where there is no access to planting things into the ground.


A full how-to on how to build your own is here. Funny that on the 29th of March, as we finished up the sack planting with the broad beans, peas and nasturtiums that have been grown from seed in the community hub, it also hailed.

We hope there will be no more hail…

Another first was the family cinema, which will be taking place the last Saturday of every month from 1o am. There was popcorn and then colouring for the main event of Wallace and Gromit’s A Grand Day Out.


On Saturday April 30 we’ll be showing The Jungle Book, and making animal masks, so email precinct@rfsk.org.uk to book a place!

indexWe also were part of the Caravanserai legacy walk on 12th March. Caravanserai occupied a piece of land opposite the Canning Town DLR for several years, building a vibrant community space of growing beds, a beautiful stage, cafe, teaching spaces, brick oven, and London’s largest table for eating together as a community. When we were just starting out they helped us to build the two pallet benches now sitting beside our wood burning stove, and when they closed down their space they also gave us a number of useful items, including a few chairs and a growing bed. Their legacy walk started out at Nomadic Gardens, a wonderful alternative space full of growing boxes and some fabulous sculptures. Then on to our own space:


After some tea, cake and a quick tour of St Katharine’s people were off again, heading to Cody Dock, another place we have found inspiration from.

The Work Hub has continued to meet every Wednesday, bringing together a group of people working in the local area to work out of the community hub, build relationships and share lunch together (spaces still available!). We also have the Mums and Babies Arts and Crafts group still meeting Wednesday afternoons, and there are often spaces open there as well.

Yurt lates have been bigger and better as the winter weather recedes and the nights aren’t quite as cold! Here are the delights of Cranium along with wine and a veggie sausage roll from our second boardgame night:


A game enjoyed with old friends and new, while the fire roared and as a larger game of trivial pursuit was enjoyed alongside us:


We also decided to institute our first tradition — to always end the night with something that everyone can play in a big group for those not too intent on conversation:


We followed hard on the heels of February’s Yurt Salon success with this month’s collaboration celebrating the publication of the Open Pen Anthology by Limehouse Books, for which we made our new stage:


Here are Bobby Nayyar and Sean Preston planning out the evening




Open Pen magazine publishes short fiction, and during the event they were still a local publication. Sean’s opening work which kicked off the event, however, was a bittersweet farewell to Limehouse — he’s returning to his home ground of Plaistow after many years, another person and another creative endeavour priced out of our community. But it was lovely to host them here in Limehouse for a proper goodbye.

World Bingo was fabulous as always, and brought in some new friends. All in all it has been a truly wonderful month, and we are looking forward to warmer weather and the start up of our new Trade School in April.