Everything has been moving so fast, it is extraordinary how quickly containers dropped in can change the feel of the site.

Back in June the site looked like this:

Northern Site

And now after all the rain the last week or so? This:

Precinct Site

Now that all of the containers are in place, not much is changing from the outside (though we still anxiously await the yurts!). On the inside, however, it is all go. The artist studios are closest to finished, here are some before and after pictures:

Northern SiteNorthern Site-20150902-1448017230

From the inside:

Artist Studios

and the view from the window:

Artist studios

The Community Hub is coming along as well, showing its bare container bones before it is covered with insulation and sheet rock, then painted. This will become a kitchenette and washing-up station for the artists:


And this our office:


The foyer and main community room:

Community Hub

With it’s view out the window back towards St Katharine’s house:

Community Hub

The base of the yurt cafe is ready and waiting for the yurt’s arrival:

Cafe base

Whereas the reflective yurt will be a little longer in coming so it remains but a patch of ground. The gravel path from the entrance beside Limehouse DLR is coming along though, and a triangle of ground ready for what we hope will become a kitchen garden.

Reflective Space

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Community Hub