Work to create the containers that will hold the artist studios has been underway, and for a few days now they have been sitting ready for delivery to the ArtSpace¬†— in pink on the map below:


Here are the first views of them sitting in the yard of Bullman’s Containers, with the space for the windows and doors cut and shutters placed, and then painted.

Once they arrive, they’ll be fitted out which will include the electrical work and ventilation, along with the insulation, walls, flooring, windows and doors, so there is still quite a journey ahead before they can become home to art and inspiration.

The colour scheme for our pop-up development were of course a long conversation, many containers for such community projects being painted bright, primary colours. We’ve been working with Wired Canvas on design and branding for the Precinct, and have decided in the end to go with a pebble grey against which the colours of each section will stand out. We’ll also be using the beautiful woodcuts developed by Wired Canvas from the medieval carvings rescued form the original chapel at St Katharine’s by the Tower.

Finally we begin to physically construct our vision of the precinct. In the next update our first containers will have been delivered…