After many months of work we finally have the approvals to move ahead and put our temporary structures up — St Katharine’s Precinct will soon be a physical reality.

It feels hard to believe in some ways, and it’s still difficult to take the drawings and imagine the buildings as they will soon look. but incredibly exciting.

To refresh your memory, here is everything that will be going up this summer:


Although initial discussions had been ongoing, in November we officially started research on the community surrounding us to help develop what would be built on site — the summary of that report and a link to the full document can be found here.

6 weeks ago, we submitted a Design Access Statement and Planning Application with Tower Hamlets, downloadable on their site. This would have been impossible without the help of the wonderful architect Matthew Lloyd and his staff, who have been making sure it’s moving all right through the planning department.

IMG_2579Since then we have passed out leaflets, had a stall at Limefest, held a planning consultation, and had multiple conversations with planners and environmental experts.

The helpful staff at the planning department have given us a list of conditions, which should help improve the temporary development for everyone, and with that we are through.

Something to take a moment, and celebrate.

Then next week, of course, it is back to the grindstone. We’ll start posting the regular updates on the construction, beginning with the artist studios even now being finished. If you missed the sneak peak of our yurt, soon to be the yurt cafe, you can catch up here, but it will be arriving on site next month.

In the meantime, and for such a very long time, this is what you would have seen from the DLR coming into or out of Limehouse Station:


It will soon be transformed from bare earth to a new community space where we hope you will join us in re-imagining the future through food, reflection, community projects and art.