Our yurt is up, and it is most beautiful; a circular space of warmth in natural wood and canvas. We just wanted to share a little of the people and the process here. Whether installed as quite temporary or more permanent, they are most wonderfully crafted which allows them to be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere.

A most beautiful and sustainable kind of place-making architecture, a form of housing perfected on the great steppes of Mongolia and Central Asia over several thousand years.

Ours came from the wonderful Yurt Shop, and before it arrived on our site it served as the host for an award winning garden at theĀ RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. It's new life will be as the host for a vibrant and beautiful cafe. This is our yurt loaded onto the back of the truck — it packs down to so little.


The platform is the most key component, as it has to fit the cloth exactly. We had a little initial trouble with ours, but it was soon sorted. Here are all the components laid out on top of it and ready to go up:


Christian alongside the Yurt Shop team, ready to get started:


These are the beautiful doors, ready to welcome people in.


and up it goes:








It survived the first rain well — the canvas needs a little time to cure, but this remains an inspiring space rain or shine.