Monday afternoon and evening we invited people to come find out about the new Precinct Project. We leafletted local residents last week:


And talked to a number of people at LimeFest on Sunday, inviting them to come over if they wanted to see the site or to find out more:


We weren't at all sure how many people would drop by, but we were ready:



We enjoyed talking to those who did drop in, which included some people from local organisations, and a couple who had lived in the area for years without ever knowing exactly what The Royal Foundation of St Katharine was, or what we did here. All of us have been thinking about this for a while, so we've all had that pleasure already.

We also enjoyed showing people around the place a little, and talking about the exciting things to come.




We chatted about the foxes in the wildlife zone, explained how silent outdoor cinema worked, enthused about wildflowers, showed pictures of our yurt — now at the Hampton Court flower show — and imagined what it would be like to enter a yurt for the first time.

We had prepared ourselves for a critique, but it was good to find our visitors as excited as we are about what we are building here.