From making some of the benches to crafting the finishing touches, so much of our staff’s thoughtfulness and handiwork has gone into creating the atmosphere of the yurt café. We hope that the love and care put into making it welcoming and beautiful is as evident as the efforts to reuse and recycle to make of it a sustainable space.

Friday was a beautiful day for such things as well.


You can tell how much we enjoyed being out of the office and into the sunshine to work with our hands:


The numbering of café tables is an old tradition, here updated through hand-painted tins holding plants, and labels painted with chalkboard paint that will soon hold chalked numbers as well. Chalkboard paint is quite amazing stuff, you can see the boards painted and ready to go behind the table, soon to hold a delicious and healthy menu of food and drink.



It was not just old tins that renewed their lease on life with a little paint, but some well-used chairs as well.


Everything is really coming together, and we look forward to sharing pictures of the café finished and about to open up to the public!