Our second year at Limefest, and another great day just like the last one.

On the BBQ we had pure smoke marinated 100% beef burgers, grilled chicken breasts marinated in organic rapeseed oil, and organic vegetable kebabs.They proved to be popular.




Our team sold over 300 burgers, and passed out samples of lemonade to thirsty crowds. We also were able to introduce the plans for our new phase of work, St Katharine’s Precinct:


The reactions were overwhelmingly positive, and we hope to be welcoming everyone who had a chance to share their views on the new project at our launch come fall.

As the festival was starting up there was a chance to get around a bit and seeĀ  some of the other stalls, but the early centre of attention was clearly the dog show:



It left the market stalls a little empty of people at the beginning, but they included some great local organisations.


Up at the Northern End could be found Poplar Splash and the John Scurr Centre, Lower Regent’s Coalition, and Limehouse Community Forum , along with the wonderful Moo Canoes:


Limehouse Basin is also visible there in the back of the picture, and they will be hosting three further summer events – The Limehouse Splash on Saturday 18th July and a Limehouse Social on Saturday 29th August and 26th September.


Everyone enjoyed the live music and the dancing:


as well as watching the sun come out and the crowds grow, including the presence of the fabulous Pearly Kings and Queens, representatives of this wonderful and charitable working-class London tradition:



At the end of a long day our team handed out well-earned rewards in the form of burgers to festival volunteers.

We look forward to next year!